Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes

Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes

Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes

TIBTT Technology Co., Ltd.

*MOD Features*
1. lower Attack Speed
2. Instant Rage Skill ready
3. No Auto Rage Skill (Tap on your Hero for casting Rage Skill)

Android ver 12.3.0


Product Description

Battle of Legendary 3D Heroes Ver. 12.3.0 MOD APK | Attack Speed | Rage Skill | Enemy Rage
In the game you can train many heroes to fight, each hero has a unique skill design, which is very interesting and has many gameplay.
Game Features:
1 43 3D Heroes in the history and myths of many countries
2 Battle scenes based on 3D models and special effects
3 Each hero has unique class and skill characteristics, warrior, hunter, mage, wizard, assassin, vampire, healer and more
4 Avatar has 5 cool mounts, including tigers, flame horses, and battle dragons
5 Rich equipment system, including powerful artifact system
6 3 arenas, you can lead 1 or 3 teams of heroes to fight at the same time
7 World Cup mode, you can fight with top players across servers
8 World boss mode
9 Legion boss mode, you can challenge powerful bosses with alliance members
10 nest modes with high random rewards
11 Mine battle mode, you can get rich rewards by occupying and collecting minerals
12 Endless forests, lead all heroes through endless monster challenges and get rich rewards
13 Tower of Darkness. Beat successive players to get rich rewards


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